• Between us we have 3 passports, 8 national residencies, 5 languages, a billion friends worldwide but only one pair of    shoes each


  • We don’t use the word “should”


  • Our motto is: “Always take the time to make yourself    comfortable”.


  • What we do when we don’t sail? Rick writes about religious stupidity, listens to jazz music, plays guitar, reads books, drinks beer, fishes, watches documentaries about the history of Scotland or fixes stuff.    Jasna sleeps.


  • We like good food. Rick’s favorite food is Jasna’s lasagna, Jasna’s favorite food is Rick’s Chicken Tikka Masala


  • We do fish but we rarely catch anything. That’s why we like    buddyboating with James, a fish terminator who often throws us scraps


  • Rick does not own a tie, but does own a small piece of the Great Pyramids in Giza.


  • Rick loves tea, Jasna loves coffee.


  • We don’t like to run the engine, that’s why sometimes we go    veeeery slow. The seagrass often overtakes us.


  • Jasna is half fish. The good half.


  • Rick misses the horses, Jasna misses the sea horses


  • We both found some crazy editors who decided to publish our writing (Cruising Helmsman in Australia and Val Navtika in Slovenia).


  • When we say “Him” in reverential tones, we don’t    mean God, we mean Larry Pardey.


  • Both of us find Jimmy Buffet only slightly preferable to    ciguatera poisoning



9 Responses to ABOUT US

  1. Cameron Bach says:

    Reading your book and LOVING IT! Living in Annapolis, MD USA and only learning to sail now, at the ripe old age of 48. So happy to live here with the gorgeous Chesapeake laid out before me. It is the cleanest it’s been in many years. The clarity is amazing! And the sailing is wonderful, great place to learn.
    So so very sorry about your boat.
    I also really don’t care much at all for Jimmy Buffet. Prolly a nice guy, tho. Dunno!
    Fair Winds,

  2. Loved your book. Thank you both for the great insight into getting real and the life of a sea gypsie. I have two questions. 1. Medical considerations…. what do you do regarding being prepared for illness, cuts, scrapes, vaccinations, etc. 2. Where can a potential gypsie find great deals on solid boats?? I know online, but is there a region you can slay a good deal on a used vessel? Thank you for any info.


  3. Great read, just finished your book; I love the sarcasm!

  4. Marco says:

    Fun Book! It makes my fantasy seem less of a fantasy! Hope to have enough juice in me when I retire to take off

    • rick says:

      I am sure you will Marco! Lots of older sailors out here. Just remember to keep using your muscles. Age is no barrier, but it does get harder to build new muscle as you get older…. much easier to maintain it now! Let us know if we can help in anyway and thanks for the nice comments.



  5. Paul Little says:

    I read the book for free on Kindle cloud. Loved it so much I’ve bought a physical copy 😊

    Wish I’d bought it last summer before I bought my current boat (fin+spade 🙄). Ah well. But she’s a strong boat and not a true spade so all is not lost.

    Current plan is to switch to gypsy mode in the summer of 2020 but the way things are at the moment I might just bring that forward a year. I did some quick number crunching and staying as I am right now I am just about breaking even. If I lived aboard at the marina full time I’d have a disposable of a couple of hundred. If I fully retired (I’m semi-retired right now) and went gypsies I’d have over £500/month plus anything I picked up on the way. Hmm….

    • rick says:

      Hi Paul!

      Lots of number crunching to do! although don’t make the mistake I always make which is forgetting to add “what do I want to do regardless of reason” into the equation.



  6. Hi there!

    I am just watching you, guys, sailing on Calypso on BBC Earth…

    U R both amazing! And together 4 sure the Best….

    Wishing you the best,

    Love and respect,

    Peter, Hungary


    For her:

    ‘Ruzica si bila….’
    (Bijelo Dugme)

    For him:

    Nothing to say…
    (Jethro Tull)

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