Anyone fancy the trip to Fortuna?

Anyone fancy joining me and one other for the trip from Fiji to Fortuna and back? Leaving the end of the month/early June and should take about 3 weeks or so and be quite good fun. 

  • Leaving Fiji at the end of the month/ early June and making the 3 day passage to Fortuna
  • Having a wee explore and returning to Fiji via some of the legendary Lau Islands (weather permitting).  If you are interested, have a read of this and get in touch .  See you out there!



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4 Responses to Anyone fancy the trip to Fortuna?

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey Rick – that link is broken

  2. Robert Guillot says:

    Just read your gypsy sailing book.
    Opinion on this roberts fiberglass boat I have located
    May you & your have following seas

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