MEDIAWe both like to write. We also realized that people like to read our stories. So this somehow became our new job.

So far we have published 60 articles in 9 different magazines (over 260 full colour pages) in 3 different languages.

You can find a few of our stories repeated in various places. For example Rick’s article “Viva Mexico” was published in November 2013 in Australia and is soon to be published in Cruising World in the US.  The article “Bottom line” in the April 2014 issue of Cruising Helmsman (Australia) and will soon be published in th UK.  A shorter version of Jasna’s Italian story “Flying Dragon” was published in the January 2014 issue of Cruising World (USA) .

From 2013 to 2015 we clogged up the airwaves with 66 radio shows .

In July 2015 we published our first book and so far we have had great feedback (including very high praise from legendary sailor and nautical author Tom Cunliffe). This book is selling well and we expect that to increase when Tom Cunliffe’s The Complete Ocean Skipper is released in April (our book is on the “essential reading” list)

In August 2015 we were featured in Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild. It is an hour-long documentary about our life aboard Calypso which is sindicated worldwide. Soon it will be avaliable on Youtube.

2016 sees the release of Jasna’s new book and she is currently on a European book tour where she has already made over a dozen TV and radio appearances. So far, her speeches have been a sell out. She even managed to make the cover of the Slovenian “Cosmo” (below). Rick is currently in New Zealand and hs just been interviewed on the Mark Sainsbury Breakfast Show and is preparing to give talks at various yacht clubs before they both meet up and return to the simpler life on the sea.

We also have another TV programme in the pipeline, but more on that later…….




  1. Graham & Pam says:

    Hi Rick
    ” Cruising ” Helmsman………sounds a bit tricky!

  2. Graham says:

    Hi Rick
    Marvin is a standard schnauzer dog 3 years now in total control of home ! X

  3. ian says:

    Are you still free-sailing sea gypsy’s ? I can’t help think looking at all this books, radio, TV etc you have, “sold out” to the commercialism and spend more time not living on Calypso. Tell me it isn’t so my heroes 🙂

    • rick says:

      Ha ha! That gave us a good laugh lan! I am pleased to say that we have yet to become ‘Bradgelina’ and indeed are living a pretty cruisy life on Calypso, in the idyllic island of Huahine. Admittedly, we did spend several months off Calypso last year (hence the damage) but most of this time was spent skippering a 65 foot yacht to Fiji (rather than hanging out with the stars 😁). At the end of that job, Jasna flew home to promote the book for several weeks, but apart from that, it has been back to buisness as usual – but a lot wiser (skippering that millionaire’s plaything was a pain in the butt and all the money we made went into repairing the damage to our own poor, neglected boat). So, can we remain your heroes please if the position is still vacant?


      R n J

  4. Cruising Helmsman had your artical repeated August 2018. Hope you get paid again ha ja
    Sail Roberts 38 Offshore since 1988.
    Cruising since 1991

  5. Mike Gilmore says:

    Hi Rick,
    Do you know if there is a link to Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild piece about you both? I’d be interested to watch it but it doesn’t appear to be available in Australia?
    ps I’m enjoying the book a lot

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