You can contact us in the following ways:

  • postal    addresses:  Rick Page, PO BOX 5570, 4870 Cairns, QLD    Australia                                                                                   

  • email    address     (this is the only email we can read at    sea via the Pactor modem, but please write only short messages without    attachments!)

  • you    can also write longer emails to      and I will reply when I am ashore

  • our    call sign on the SSB radio is KDORSM (Kilo Delta Zero Romeo Sierra Mike)

  • if    you feel very lucky, stick a message in a bottle and toss it in the sea…

16 Responses to CONTACT US

  1. Adam St. John Clarke says:

    Rick, you tried desperately, as I recall to teach me to play like michael brecker, god rest his soul, in your flat in crouch end in the early 90’s perhaps, saw you on the telly and said that’s my old saxophone teacher , my wife said bullshit so I produced my phone book with your name and number in! Loving the idea that you are doing what you want man. I too have an old sailing boat, not as big as yours and a bit more plasticky. Thrilled to hear of you doing your thing. I still have your Stanley turrentine album. Stay happy man. Adam, ( ex long hair, horrid pony tail, motorbikes, old conn 10m)

    • Rick Page says:

      Hi Adam!
      How the fuck are you?? And have you still got that honkin`10m? (that was a nice horn). Are you still playing? I have swung more in the direction of latin guitar these days, but having said that, I just bought myself a new alto sax (well, new to me anyway). Are you still playing (as far as I remember, you were cracking on at a goodly speed). Did you go pro in the end? Dish me all the gossip,
      You can tell your wife that it was definitely me, and that she owes you a dinner out.

  2. Hi Guys I just want to say thanks for the awesome book!
    After seeing you both on TV I fell across your book aswell such a great read hitting some great points. The only downside is the fact Im longing to start my life as a sea gypsy even more! Im currently going through a majour refit of an Albin Vega 27 which will become our floating home sometime soon. and when/if our paths cross I look foward to buying you both a beer!

  3. Helen Lakin says:

    Hi, are you the Rick that used to do horse riding holidays in the Alpujarrahs? I have often wondered where you got to and so glad that you are obviously enjoying life, albeit without the neddies now! Do you still have any contacts in Spain – my daughter wants to spend a year working out there with horses, but we don’t know anyone out there. The horse I bought from you is now ancient and enjoying retirement in Anglesey – a long way from Trevelez! Cheers, Helen

    • rick says:

      Hi Helen!
      Sorry for the tardy reply (you were hiding in the trash) but yes! I am he of the neddies. I assume you are she of the acerbic wit who became the owner of Santiago, one of the nicest neddies l ever had? I am glad to hear that he is enjoying his retirement. Did he turn out to be as good a neddie as we thought he might? When did you have a daughter… l dont remember kne being on the cards is Spain.

      I am afraid that the woman l sold the business to was a disaster and that l do not have any contacts to whom l would entrust the welfare of your daughter as generally speaking, the safety standards are shocking in Spain. Write back to me with all your goss on and that will keep you out of the trash.

      Fantastic to hear from you Helen

      Massive hug,

      Rick xx

  4. Brian says:

    Hey, really enjoyed your book. I’ll leave a review on Amazon in the next few days. I was going to see if you could be so kind as to describe an “average” day (as if there could be such a thing) at anchorage and at sea. The book offers an outstanding primer, and a little of the day-to-day can help us visualize ourselves in the same circumstances, and keep the dream alive. See ya out there!


    • rick says:

      HI Brian

      Thanks for getting in touch. J and l are both chuffed that you liked the book and that it seems to have got you hooked on the salty path. (PS: I know it is a pain in the neck, but if you could write us a decent review on amazon as you suggested, that would certainly help sell a few more books!).

      Your question is interesting, because it is unanswerable. There really is no ‘typical day’ on board a boat at anchor, partly because various crews have varying tastes (one crew’s day might involve fishing, another playing the trombone) and partly because the anchorage you pick will define what you do. For example, yesterday we were anchored off the capital city of Tahiti, so we went in to town and did a lot of provisioning and office work. Today we are in Point Venus and there is a massive reggae party on the beach……

      The question is even less answerable than the question, “what is a typical day for somebody who lives in a house?’  ….. at least a house stays in the same place!

      The question becomes a little easier to answer when on passage as the days are more defined by watches. But still, there is a mountain of difference between what you do on board in 10knots and 40knots.

      I understand the motivation for asking such a question and my best suggestion is to advise you to look through our website in order to get a kind of ‘flavour’ of life on board. We try and keep it real (as opposed to the Facebook “everything-is-wonderful-in-my-life” nonsense) and that may get you a better answer than anything glib l might come up with. No doubt that will generate some more specific questions, that we are always happy to answer. We are well aware of how difficult it is starting out to get your head around the whole idea, so no question is too obvious or too personal. Whizz them over on and we will happily answer them.

      Fair Winds!

      R n J

  5. Jose says:

    I’m watching you guys on BBC Earth “Where the Wild Men Are”
    You are living a dream.

  6. Hi guys

    Read your great book and very inspired to live the dream.

    Been thinking about it for years, I’m a scuba diving instructor of over 13 years so love the ocean, traveled all over the world but never found the “secret” to a simply life but after reading Get Real, Get Gone I might have found a glimpse of my future!

    Just wanted to say thanks!!

    Beers & Cheers x

    • Jasna says:

      You are most welcome Daren! Thanks for lettings us know you enjoyed the book. We hope to meet you on the sea some day. Cheers

  7. Loved your book. Thank you both for the great insight into getting real and the life of a sea gypsie. I have two questions. 1. Medical considerations…. what do you do regarding being prepared for illness, cuts, scrapes, vaccinations, etc. 2. Where can a potential gypsie find great deals on solid boats?? I know online, but is there a region you can slay a good deal on a used vessel? Thank you for any info.

    Safe travels, Seattle, WA

  8. Evan says:

    Hi Guys,
    Got the book two days ago and what a gem!
    I noticed under recommend reading, there’s a book on motorcycles, while the rest are all boating. Is there anywhere in the book that you have made reference to it, as I’m curious as to why it was included.
    Happy days,

  9. Douglas Robertson says:

    Hi guys, myself and my girlfriend read your book. We both loved it so thanks.
    We’ve just bought a seamaster 925. Neither of us know the 1st thing about sailing but we like the sea and stay in the west coast of Scotland so it seems like a good idea.
    Hopefully we can become sea gypsies too.

    Thanks again for a great read

    Douglas and Lyndsay

    • rick says:

      Hi Douglas and Lindsay,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. We are extremely pleased you liked the book and it seems to have nudged you in the gypsy direction (we would be even happier if you would be good enough to repeat those kind sentiments in the review section of Amazon).

      Nice boat the Seamaster – in fact l dont think Kim Holman ever penned an ugly boat! A great boat to earn your stripes on aroung Eigg and Rhum!

      You have taken the first step on a great adventure and you must be pretty excited! Let us know if we can help with any advice – you can email us on anytime.

      Good luck you guys, we look forward to nearing of your adventures!

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