Do you suffer from MIAS? A simple self-test

Are you suffering from M.I.A.S (Musical Instrument Acquisition Syndrome)?Music aboard

Already a serious illness that affects millions worldwide, MIAS sufferers who live in small spaces are doubly at risk as their increasing instrument and associated supplies (reeds, strings, manuscripts, bongs, etc) start to displace essential stores leading to malnourishment and vitamin deficiency.

So, how do you know if you are suffering from MIAS or simply have, ‘a lot of shit’.  Try this simple self-test.

Examine the formula below:

H= n+1

(where H= happiness measured in grins, and n= number of musical instruments currently owned)

If the above formula makes perfect sense to you then you are suffering from MIAS and should seek immediate medical attention or a larger boat.

Rick playing ukelele



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12 Responses to Do you suffer from MIAS? A simple self-test

  1. Alice needs a larger boat

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I too am a “sufferer”. Harmonicas, Ukeleles, Guitars. I think there’s two drum kits in the house & a drum box too!

  3. Dan Coate says:

    Rick: Agree totally. I’ve had this condition for years but never could put a name to it. Check out this place when you have a chance excellent product for ~$100. Totally impervious to weather!

  4. Me, three. Last acquisition: accordion and calimba.

  5. Oh, yes! What a suffer.
    Piano, Cello, drums, guitar, flute, accordeon, harp, violin. It’s more a family illness.

  6. Mitch says:

    I recognize the symptoms but don’t suffer. Early on I made a strict rule for myself. If you are not using it sell it. However the corollary is that any money obtained by selling a musical instrument can only be used to buy other instruments. One divergence is the Conn 10M tenor saxophone I bought new 53 years ago and played in dance bands and college band. It became such a part of me that it still remains in storage. I tried to play it last year – not so good. I will sell it soon. I’ve started downsizing in preparation for cruising. Now it’s native American flutes. In that arena I could develop MIAS. Play on Rick

  7. rick says:

    Hi fellow sufferers!

    I see that MIAS is as widespread as l suspected. I have now fully succumbed and have added a set of bongos and a 5 string banjo (which l am totally obsessed with). Eventually the virus will overwhelm the host and then where will l sleep?

  8. Graham Ruddick says:

    Good to see the Sax is in prime position considering the story behind it……………….

  9. Tony says:

    I too up the ukulele 10 months ago now I have 3 a soprano,concert and a banjolele . I find myself in music stores looking at mandolins its MIAS is more contagious than measles.📯🎷🎺🎶🎻🎸

  10. Paul Yates says:

    As a pro muso I have far too many guitars (high twenties at the last count….) It’s a proper disease with guitarists, known as GAS. (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome). My excuse? Well, aside from the need to have various ‘hammers’ for specific jobs – I’m stockpiling, so when the time comes in 3/4 years I’ll have plenty of tokens to exchange for a floating home 😉 Total noob to this community but loving (and devouring) everything I can read / watch. Hopefully I’ll have the good fortune to share a cold one with many of you (and mebbe sing you a choon or two with the missus).

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