Escaping from a cyclone… again!

Ok, we knew that we are now sailing in the cyclone season and should expect it, but still, we were hoping to enjoy the Mexican Riviera a little bit longer. We left Manzanillo a week ago and anchored in Tenacatita. The plan was: swimming, snorkeling, relaxing, sunbathing, maybe a beer on the beach around sunset. Then I checked the weather forecast. O-o. Three depressions just south of us, getting slowly organized. All three had a low chance of becoming a tropical cyclone… better get out of here! So we raised the anchor we just dropped, we took off the sail cover that just went on and we sailed away. The first day we had a good breeze, but after that we were almost becalmed. It was a veeeery slow passage, 3 days and 3 nights for only 130 miles… Which means an average of about 2.5 Kn, not so good when the cyclone behind you travels at 10 Kn!

The good side? This was the first time in our history that we put away the fishing gear because we caught too many fish!!!

In the meantime Barbara (the cyclone) decided she likes the Caribbean more then the West Coast (thank you Barby!) but there is another low that we have to watch right now.

But we are safe now, back in Banderas Bay, getting ready to eat a mountain of fresh tuna.



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  1. Charlotte says:

    Eric cheered when he heard you caught too many fish!! Go you! Sorry to hear that you were racing away from the potential cyclones. We’re keeping an eye out too. Look forward to having you both here!

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