Excellent Bargain Sea Gypsy Boat for Sale – only 35k (US) Nice people only!

SV Wings at anchor

As I travel around the saltier parts of the earth on my quest to go nowhere slowly, I often stay in one place for extended periods.   A different approach to many travelers who have given themselves a couple of years to get around the world and one that brings a different set of rewards.   I really enjoy getting to know a place in depth and to have local friends – rather than dash around from anchorage to anchorage trying to join up imaginary lines on our wonderful planet.  This approach suits me by nature and it also means that I get plugged into the grapevine and get to hear about great bargains. 

Calypso II was one such bargain because the owner had left the country and needed to sell to someone who could re-commission a boat that had been standing for 9 months and was prepared to to come to Fiji and sail the boat out of the country before her visa expired  (which is a very limited demographic in a market that already favours the buyer), hence a good price was struck.

A similar opportunity exists for SV Wings. My good friends Gally and Akiko must return to Japan to be with aging parents.  Akiko has already left and Gally is waiting until  their lovely boat is sold in order to join her.  Accordingly, their 39 foot liveaboard home is for sale at a ridiculously reduced price and would make a great world cruiser for a budget minded sea gypsy.

SV Wings at the dock

Wings is a one-off medium displacement yacht built by Noel Henley, Gold Coast Queensland Australia. with a proper full keel and attached rudder.

Her overall length is 39’ (about 36′ without bowsprit). The waterline length is 35’.  Beam 11’ draft 5.8’ displacement 10.5 ton
Ballast 2 1/2 ton.  She is readyto go for local cruising and would make a great ocean basher with a few alterations.

Dinette style saloon has many advantages – including folding out of the way and converting into a double berth for crew or guests

I have not personally surveyed her, but I know the boat and how much they have put into her  At the price they are asking, the new owner will simply be paying for their labour and will get the boat virtually for free.   I am waiting for confirmation from them, but I think the boat is fully imported into Fiji and does not require anyone to sail her away to renew her status there.   

Good quality, simple sea-going galley

Fiji is a great place to hone your sea-gypsy skills in the relative calm of the waters inside the fringing reef, so a great opportunity for both the seasoned sailor and the novice who needs time to find his/her sea legs before heading out on the big blue.  Furthermore, the boat is on the East Coast which not only has the best weather and sailing, but is the best place to make any changes the new owner will inevitably want.  (Plus of course, I am here to stick my bloody oar in). 

 Most foreigners can get 6 month vistor’s visa (4 months on entry and 2 month extension) and for a little extra cash can extend that for another year . So, 18 months before you have to hop on the flight to Brisbane (about 300 US each way) to fly out and in to start the next 18 months.   

Roomy cockpit for entertaining with a fold-away table for al-fresco dining

So, if you have been waiting for the final push to tip you into this life, SV Wings might just be the kick in the butt you have been waiting for.  Message me and I will pass on the details.  Good Luck and Fair

Disclaimer:  I am not a broker and receive no commision or remuneration of any sort from the sellers.  I have not surveyed the boat and do not guarantee her condition.  I am merely recommending what seems to me to be a bargain as a favour to the readers of my blog.  As always, it will be up to the buyer to arrange a survey and satisfy him/herself that the boat is in good condition


The current owners are obviously nuts. However, they have been much liked in the sea gypsy community, so the new owner should also be a nice person. If you are an utter arse who nobody likes, who thinks foreigners are the problem and the capital of Vietnam is Sean Penn, then please  spend your money on more guns and a new pick up.  (Seriously, I am already guilty of inadvertently introducing one viper into the garden of Eden. I don’t think my reputation will survive another).



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