Fruits and flowers of Nuku Hiva

The Marquesas are islands of beautiful flowers and amazing fruit. After the desert of Mexican Baja California, it’s a almost like a dream…



flower5 flower4 flower3 flower2 flower1



Banane visijo pred skoraj vsako gostilno in lahko si jih zastonj naberemo za prilogo h kosilu


Pamplemousse (grenivka, ki pa je sladka)


These days we have plenty of fruit on Calypso…


…actually, so much, that we can’t eat it all.

Great time to try out our new dryer!

cutting bananas

And the result:

Suhe banane

They don’t look pretty, but believe me, they taste really good, specially if dipped in Nutella 🙂



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2 Responses to Fruits and flowers of Nuku Hiva

  1. Rick says:

    …… old socks taste good when dipped in nutella

  2. KK says:

    Nothing tastes good in Nutella…eukkk:(
    Amazing array of fruits and plants – lovely to see. Planted and cultivated or just wild? Just looks heavenly.

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