Heaven on Earth is at 16S 145W

Dear friends

Sorry for our absence from the blog, but we are hanging out in paradise and -as everyone knows- there is no internet in heaven.

boatSo, after leaving the Marquesas we had a great 527 Nm long passage to our first atoll of Kauehi. We did time our entrance in the pass perfectly, so our speed did not change at all in the pass, which is a very rare thing (slack tide lasts about 30 minutes, before and after there are from 4 to 7 knots of current, so it can be quite dangerous). We went straight to the SE corner of the atoll an that’s where we found it – Heaven on Earth. The scenery was so amazing that I couldn’t stop laughing. We spent our first few days just looking around and saying:

“We made it! We made it to paradise!”

The lagoon was so calm that it was almost unreal. I can’t remember when was the last time the boat was still – probably in the boatyard! The colour of the water was  just too overwhelming and we had to take our polarized sunglasses off. The clarity of the water was amazing as well – we did not need to go in the water to do snorkeling, we could see the fish clearly from the kayak…




rick copy



One day we decided to put our boatbuilding skills to test and that’s how the Kauehi Cup regatta started.

Rick went for the grapefruit while I decided that coconut would work better. You can see the video of the race here.


jasna copy


After Kauehi we visited Fakarava. We spent a week in the South Pass, where I couldn’t get enough snorkeling and diving. A place that we will return someday, for sure.

tuamotu2The water in the pass is so clear that seems like swimming through air.

We did a drift snorkel, which means that we exited the pass in the dinghy, then jumped in the water and let the incoming tide bring us in.

I also went for a dive with the local dive center, because I really wanted to see the sharks in deeper water (about 30m). Check out this video of the wall of sharks.

Let’s finish with some more pics from the Tuamotus…

tuamotu5 tuamotu4


Rick playing with a Christmas tree

tuamotu3 tuamotu1

for nicole

And this one is dedicated to Nicole from s/v Bella Star (sorry we could not find your bar…)

Tomorrow we are leaving for the next atoll – Toau, and then slowly towards Tahiti. Here is wonderful, but we could really use a supermarket-shower-laundry-ice cream!

Hasta la proxima




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One Response to Heaven on Earth is at 16S 145W

  1. KK says:

    My money was on the coconut from the outset!
    Love the pics – absolute bliss, and the best thing is you got yourselves there. Bloody good effort. The diving vid made me think of the Maldives…big mistake learning to dive
    there…few places have compared since but then I haven’t been to French Poly:)

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