How to ‘get gone’ if you are REALLY broke…

Readers of my book will know that it concerns itself with starting a new life at sea for those with big dreams, but shallower pockets.  The main point is that you don’t have to be rich to live the millionaire’s lifestyle aboard your own boat.  But you do need some money.  It may be just  a fraction of what the the  media would have us think, but some.

So what do you do if you have virtually nothing in the piggy bank and still want to explore the blue wobbly bits of our planet?

I am pleased to say that my good friend Daz Tait has been doing exactly this for a number of years and produced a trilogy of books telling his story.   Setting out with just the desire for adventure and a wallet that was emptier than a hermit’s diary, Daz went on to have amazing, real adventures all over the world.  You can buy volume one of his exploits here or by clicking on the photo and hopefully find a blueprint of how to explore under sail on a budget that would make even me blush.  One thing is for sure though…. if you read this book you will never be able to claim that it is money that is holding you back!




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