New Book Details and How to Get a Copy.


Many apologies for the delay, but the follow-up to Get Real, Get Gone is now live on Amazon in both ebook and paperback.  Plenty of time to order for Christmas!

This book is a bit more detailed and longer than the first one, but those who liked the first one will find it easy to follow.  There is a bit of motivational butt-kicking as well as the usual array of practical and philosophical tips to get you going if you haven’t already gone or KEEP you going if you have already left.

As always, I am available on to answer any questions, or if you just want to to say ‘hi’ and share you plans without anyone thinking you are nuts.

(NOTE: This does not guarantee you are not nuts, only that I won’t think so).

I hope you like it!  Here are the links for the various Amazon sites

USA: Click here
UK: Click here
Canada: Click here
Australia: Click here
Italy: Click here
Netherlands: Click here
Germany: Click here
Spain: Click here

Stay safe and fair winds!




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2 Responses to New Book Details and How to Get a Copy.

  1. Josh Cripps says:

    Ordered!! Your first book is amazing!

    Also I’d quite like to discuss my boat and my plans and also your plans with you if you dont mind? Please email me.

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