Homemade fruit bars


As I already mentioned several times, the biggest problem cruisers have in the Marquesas islands is how to eat all the bananas they have aboard before they go bad. I already wrote a post with many recipes which you can …

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Calling a Spade, a Spade


If you have read our book you will know how we feel about spade (unsupported) rudders. We don’t like them and consider them a pretty bad idea for a voyaging boat. For those that haven’t read the book, a properly …

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We are on the telly!!!


  Dear Friends. If you can stand our faces for almost one hour, than check out Ben Fogle’s tv program New Lives in the Wild on Channel 5 on August 10th at 9pm (London time). If you miss it, you can …

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Our book is now available!


    Our recent appearance on Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild introduced the idea of budget sailing to a whole new audience – an audience who may have never considered the possibility that such a dream could be made a …

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Sailing over lemons


Before I became a wandering sea gypsy, I owned a farm in the Alpujarra Mountains in Southern Spain where I trained Andalucian horses. Shortly after I bought the place, Chris Stewart the former drummer of the rock group Genesis, published …

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Timing the atoll passes


The islands of the Tuamotu group are coral atolls. They look like rings of coral with a calm lagoon inside them. Some of this “rings” are complete circles and therefore it is impossible to enter. Some others have one, two …

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Coming soon… our new book!


Dear friends, we have been typing away for a long time and finally our first book is (almost) ready! It is written for everyone that loves the sea and is thinking about going sailing. Which boat to buy and where, …

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Spending the cyclone season in the South Pacific


I am writing a quick note because of the large number of concerned emails we are getting these days regarding Pam, the big cyclone that hit Vanuatu. We are far away and the cyclone did not affect us at all. …

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The Numbers of The Year 2014


Recently I analized our log book and this is what I discovered about last year: Number of days of sailing: 86 This is more or less 25%, which means that we spent about a quarter of the last year on …

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Anchoring in coral


The coral atolls are simply fantastic. Nobody can argue with that. Well, except maybe your anchor chain. While you will learn to love every fish and every view, your anchor chain will learn to hate every coral head and every …

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