Want to come and sail on Calypso II for a while?

You are more than welcome! If you have ever wondered what the sea gypsy life is like, then feel free to come and hop on for a while.  I often have friends (old and new) hop on board for while and enjoy the experience greatly. You don’t need to be able to sail, but you must come with the idea of making friends and helping out. We do not offer a charter service, so do not expect one.

If you are friendly, happy to pitch in by standing your watch, scrubbing the decks, steering the boat, hoisting sails, cooking and generally getting involved in process of running and maintaining a cruising boat, then I offer the experience for free. I do ask though that you make a small contribution to the cost of food, fuel, dockage, water etc (see the chapter below).

When I have guests,  try and keep the sailing civilized. I do not leave harbour in bad weather unless absolutely necessary and try and avoid night passages. Of course, as skipper I am pinioned by my responsibility to the crew and the boat, but I generally try to keep the sailing as

idyllic as possible.

If you fancy some adventurous sailing you can join  for a long passage, for example Tahiti to the Cook Islands or Vanuatu to Australia.

Generally though, it makes sense to try and join Calypso in a good cruising area with plenty to see and do (French Polynesia is great, Fiji and Tonga even better…) unless you have already done some sailing, are confident of your sea-legs and fancy the passage.

So, if you have ever wondered what the cruising life is like or simply fancy joining Calypso for a sail, just drop me an email and I will let you know where we are.

The Daily Contribution

The sailing itself is free. As is all the instruction and advice you want.

However, when there are guests aboard, there is of course the extra expense of  food, water, propane, petrol, diesel etc,. Furthermore, having  guests is expensive in ways that are not so obvious.  Guests generally have a limited timescale, so I change the way I cruise. Without guests I tend to cruise like a snail – stopping in nice anchorages for weeks on end.  When there are guests, I tend to speed things up , go to more places, run the engine more, use the dinghy more, use marinas more, provision with more imported foods and generally use the boat harder. Guests tend to break thing too and let the sails flog more often!

I would love to invite everybody and pay all the expenses, but because I live on a modest budget, this would  only occasionally be possible. I therefore do the next best thing and run Calypso as  non-profit boat.  Each visitor  pays a contribution (currently USD 45 a day pp) towards the added  expenses.  The daily payment covers all meals on board, bedding, mooring and marina fees, diesel, petrol,, propane  etc.  But does not cover your personal expenses, visas or alcohol.

Most importantly, I ask that you realize  what this contribution is for.  It is a friendly contribution towards the extra expenses, not a payment for sailing on Calypso, which is free.  It is not a charter fee, and Calypso is not a charter boat.  If you would like  to charter a yacht and a  crew, then click here   (These guys run a fantastic charter). If, however, you want to muck in and learn what the life of a sea gypsy entails, have some fun and maybe make some new friends, then step aboard – you are more than welcome!

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  1. klemen kralj says:

    hi, how are you doing? jasna might remember me as ivan’s brother from back home, he said he’s seen jasna recently when she was giving a presentation on your travels and i was told that you were planning to travel from mexico to the pacific islands around the beginning of next year? although its still a while off and circumstances change quite easily i was planning to travel to one of the islands(maybe fiji?) at around the same time so maybe it would be an opportunity for me to hop onto your boat and travel around for a couple of weeks? i would be very interested in learning a bit more on how to operate a sailing boat and getting some practical experience so i would be very happy to try it out. have you got already quite specific ideas on where/when you’re going to travel or do you ‘improvise’ a bit more.
    looking forward to hearing back from you

  2. Rick says:

    Hi Klemen,

    Thanks for the email. Sorry for the late reply, we have been out on the islands of the Sea of Cortez. They are very beautiful, but do not have any internet or phone coverage.

    You are absolutely right about our travel plans and we would be delighted to have you aboard in the Pacific (or anywhere else). I know Jasna loves the opportunity to speak Slovenian too!

    While we always endeavour to be as specific as possible, so much depends on the weather. A dangerous low pressure system can lock us in harbour for a month, so it is not so much that we chose to improvise, but a question of good seamanship. Having said that, we have yet to fail to meet up with anyone, but it could happen.

    The best thing is to keep in touch via the blog or on this email and we will work something out nearer the time. As soon as it is practical, we will publish our Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for each place on the blog

    Thanks again for the email and we hope to meet up with you somewhere in the pacific.



  3. Rick Prrston says:

    Looking foward to meeting you guys.

  4. Chris says:

    Hi! The tv show of your trip around French Polynesia just aired here this week in NZ. How inspirational! Are you coming to New Zealand some time. Its such a sailing nation and super friendly kiwi hospitality! Beautiful spots all over to explore too like Bay of islands in northland. happy sailing! Chris

    • jasna says:

      We are coming there indeed!
      Next week!
      But we are flying – Calypso is waiting for us in Tahiti. We will travel around in a van, looking forward to explore your beautiful country!

      • Chris says:

        cool! enjoy it here. ironically I work in the Motorhome/camper business and have been for many years. If you want any advice of what to see or do recommendations in timeframe you have just ask. its been a late spring here so abit fresh but like the crowded house song.. four seasons in one day’ so expect it will warm up soon.. cheers, Chris

        • jasna says:

          You made me worry now… what a Kiwi calls “fresh” will probably mean “freezing” for us tropical bunnies. πŸ˜‰
          We will get in touch as soon as we land for some travel tips!

  5. Gary says:

    Would like to go sailing with you. Only experience was on a small cat on a Brampton Island holiday 17 yrs ago.

  6. Martin Verbert says:

    Hi my name is Martin
    I would like to see some more information ovrr where you are in the summer months
    I have no real sailing experience
    Just compenent crew
    Sailt Greece 1500 NM catamaran and jennau 51v cruiser
    I would like some more experience out side Europe
    Greetings martin

    • rick says:

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I don’t really have an itinerary, I just go where I go and if I have any space, I let people know here and on the FB page ‘Sailing Calypso’. I know that makes planning more difficult, but to be held to an itinerary rather takes all the fun out of it for me. If you go to Sailing Calypso on FB and click “like” you will always be kept in the loop and hopefully, our plans will coincide.



  7. Chris Matenko says:

    still sailing ?

  8. Chris says:

    Hi Rick, I saw your ad upon the wall in the volleys tent at Woodford. Reminds me of my sailing days in years gone by. Where on the planet is your beautiful boat situated now?

  9. Ash says:

    Just watched you the Ben Fogle programme. Amazing! But, surely you would need at least a couple hundred k just to get started out on that life? Are you on Instagram?

    • rick says:

      Hi Ash,
      Glad you liked the programme and it has piqued your interest in this lifestyle. While there is no limit to the amount of money you can spend on flashy boats to impress the bikinis of passers by, there is a way to live this life on a fraction of what you would imagine. So the answer to your question is an emphatic ‘no’.

      After the original program aired in 2015, I was so flooded with emails form people such as yourself wondering how to get going from scratch, that I attempted to answer the question in the form of a book (there is an answer, but it is quite long you see) Click here for details.

      Give it a read and get back to me with any specific questions

      Cheers Ash!


  10. Anya S says:

    Hi, Rick. My name is Anya.
    I hope you are well and still are the happiest man in the whole world.

    No sailing experience. In the process of selling my house to enable me to have a year-long adventure before settling somewhere. I am very easy going and hardworking, with some useful skills. I will appreciate if you could let me know, Rick, when is it the most convenient for you to have another member of your crew onboard? Please don’t worry if your ship is fully booked. I’m just considering different options.

  11. Meg Craig says:

    Hi Rick
    My husband, Colin and I have been really enjoying the series on YouTube and I have us lined up to watch the Ben Fogle programme tonight. I’ve read your book too and am currently reading it to Colin chapter by chapter. We then have a chat about our situation. Very inspiring! He’s currently playing about with boats in our local town in N.Ireland. I’d certainly love to come and sail with you if it were still an option and flights etc are available. We’re mostly retired so timescales are not a problem.

    • rick says:

      Hi Meg,

      I am glad you are enjoying the book and thee vids. You are emore than welcome on Calypso II. I will PM you with details.

      Thanks again,


  12. Anita Lam says:

    Hi Rick,

    This is Anita from Hong Kong. I have just ordered your book and start reading. It is my dream to sail Pacific islands and Australia.
    Would like to know your planning in 2020. Duration is flexible for me~ thx

    • rick says:

      Hi Anita from Hong Kong! Thanks for your message – I have sent you an email to the address provided.


      Rick πŸ™‚

  13. GillH says:

    Hi Rick,
    I am wondering if you have any opportunities nearer end 0f 2020.
    I have an itch to scratch and time on my hands having recently been made redundant…..thinking now is a good time to go wandering…no hurry…no plan…..

  14. Natasha says:

    Hi Rick! My partner and I have been planning to become Sea Gypsies! We are currently “land gypsies” and live somewhere different every month (all our belongings fit in our car haha). We were wondering where you might be headed this year and if there is room for two more for a bit so we can experience the life before making the “big move”. We both read your book and absolutely appreciate all the wonderful advice about not just the lifestyle but also finding a seaworthy boat. Hope you’re well!


    • rick says:

      Thanks for you kind comments. I am glad you liked the book and pleased that you will not be buying an unseaworthy boat! As far as sailing with me is concerned, it is quite complicated (covid!) so I will PM you.

      Thanks again Natasha (and partner).



  15. Teresa says:

    Hi Rick,
    I’m Teresa from Norway.
    Good day to you whatever you are.
    I hope that you are well.
    I saw the Ben Fogle adventure with you.
    I understand that now it’s a difficult time for traveling, but when all this virus crisis will be over and if you still accepting guest , I would like to meet you and maybe travel for a few days.


    Teresa C from Norway

    • rick says:

      Hi Theresa,

      Thanks for the nice message. It is indeed quite difficult at the moment (plus I am changing boats too which adds to the complication) but I will drop you an email. Thanks again.


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