STILL working on the boat!

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You may as well give your heart and soul to your boat – it already owns your arse.  We have finally solved the last (hopefully) of our engine problems – rebuilt engine, gearbox, drive shaft, coupling, starter motor and even the tube the shaft leaves the boat has been replaced.  We were hoping that would be the last of it until the injector pump gave it up!  We now have a reconditioned replacement and I just can’t wait to see if the engine can find anything else to go wrong. I can’t think of anything else left, but no doubt the next problem is lurking their under the stairs……..

Having the guts of your boat permanently strewn around the place causes quite a bit of clean up, so we ducked into the marina to use the copious amounts of water needed and made ourselves appropriate cleaning uniforms.



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3 Responses to STILL working on the boat!

  1. Steve Yoder says:

    I am NEVER complaining about things that go wrong on our boat ever again. Calypso has set a bar that I hope never to surpass. Geez! Hopefully the big repairs will be behind you for awhile at least.

  2. Steve Yoder says:

    OK, yeah, I probably will but I’ll feel bad about it when I do.

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