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Here is a list of books and products we recommend in our book Get Real, Get Gone.

In some cases, we receive a small commission if you buy them through our links, in other cases, we do not. In all cases, we recommend them because we use them and believe in them.

  • Cape Horn Self Steering
    A elegant and attractively priced solution to the self steering solution and guaranteed for 28.000 miles!
  • Aries windvane
    For European buyers, the Aries wind vane (now manufactured in Holland) is a good alternative. We do not own one, but they are robustly made and have a great reputation.
  • Topsail Insurance
    A great insurance company run by sailors and the only real option for sea gypsies. Click HERE to get a quote.
  • Advanced Elements Kayak
  • Solar food dryer – read more about the dryer here

You can find all of the books and most of the gear we recommend on Amazon. Check our store below.

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