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Beach umbrella for cruisers

You’ve probably never thought of including a beach umbrella on the list of desirable safety gear for your boat. But you should, especially if you are sailing towards remote locations. There is two very good reasons for that. The first one …

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Paradise WiFi: 5 Cheapest Internet Cafes In French Polynesia

Communication with the outside world can often be a problem in French Polynesia. The phone coverage is very poor on most islands and the internet connection is even worse. Prepaid internet is very expensive – too expensive for us. That’s …

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We are on the telly!!!

  Dear Friends. If you can stand our faces for almost one hour, than check out Ben Fogle’s tv program New Lives in the Wild on Channel 5 on August 10th at 9pm (London time). If you miss it, you can …

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Our book is now available!

    Our recent appearance on Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild introduced the idea of budget sailing to a whole new audience – an audience who may have never considered the possibility that such a dream could be made a …

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Sailing over lemons

Before I became a wandering sea gypsy, I owned a farm in the Alpujarra Mountains in Southern Spain where I trained Andalucian horses. Shortly after I bought the place, Chris Stewart the former drummer of the rock group Genesis, published …

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How to eat 107 bananas in 1 day

You sailed 3000 nautical miles from… well… almost anywhere, really… and now you are in the place you always dreamed of… French Polynesia! You will probably learn very soon that this is a very expensive place. If you have a …

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Our day in Polynesia

Our days in French Polynesia are pretty much like our days anywhere else. So, what are those differences that remind us that we are not in Europe? 1. On the way to buy bread we have to avoid sharks Click here …

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What do you want to be in your next life?

We’ve just spent a wonderful week looking at this.   We looked at it until we became blue as well. We relaxed, meditated and decided some important things. Most important of all, we decided what we want to be in our …

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Best Books About Affordable Cruising

Every Cruiser used to be a Dreamer. He knew that the Life on the Sea could suit him. When he looked at the sea he could easily imagine himself sailing toward the horizon. Then one day our Would-Be Cruiser decides to take …

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