We are on the telly!!!


  Dear Friends. If you can stand our faces for almost one hour, than check out Ben Fogle’s tv program New Lives in the Wild on Channel 5 on August 10th at 9pm (London time). If you miss it, you can …

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Our book is now available!


    Our recent appearance on Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild introduced the idea of budget sailing to a whole new audience – an audience who may have never considered the possibility that such a dream could be made a …

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Sailing over lemons


Before I became a wandering sea gypsy, I owned a farm in the Alpujarra Mountains in Southern Spain where I trained Andalucian horses. Shortly after I bought the place, Chris Stewart the former drummer of the rock group Genesis, published …

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Heaven on Earth is at 16S 145W


Dear friends Sorry for our absence from the blog, but we are hanging out in paradise and -as everyone knows- there is no internet in heaven. So, after leaving the Marquesas we had a great 527 Nm long passage to …

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Best Books About Affordable Cruising


Every Cruiser used to be a Dreamer. He knew that the Life on the Sea could suit him. When he looked at the sea he could easily imagine himself sailing toward the horizon. Then one day our Would-Be Cruiser decides to take …

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Escaping from a cyclone… again!


Ok, we knew that we are now sailing in the cyclone season and should expect it, but still, we were hoping to enjoy the Mexican Riviera a little bit longer. We left Manzanillo a week ago and anchored in Tenacatita. …

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Welcome to our new web page!


Welcome aboard…………………………… Welcome to the story of our humble adventures.  They may not read like Pirates of the Caribbean, but they do have the advantage of being true.  Life at sea is nothing like how most people picture it.  Some …

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The Sea of Cortez


The Sea of Cortez – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly As you may be aware, we have spent the last 12 months cruising the Sea of Cortez to learn about and modify our new boat Calypso. Despite the …

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