Budget Drone Photography or ‘Kitecam’


We have all admired those sweeping aerial shots that used to be the exclusive domain of professional photographers with much greater budgets than ours. With the introduction of the drone, that monopoly is admittedly being challenged at least to a …

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Beach umbrella for cruisers


You’ve probably never thought of including a beach umbrella on the list of desirable safety gear for your boat. But you should, especially if you are sailing towards remote locations. There is two very good reasons for that. The first one …

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Paradise WiFi: 5 Cheapest Internet Cafes In French Polynesia


Communication with the outside world can often be a problem in French Polynesia. The phone coverage is very poor on most islands and the internet connection is even worse. Prepaid internet is very expensive – too expensive for us. That’s …

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Homemade fruit bars


As I already mentioned several times, the biggest problem cruisers have in the Marquesas islands is how to eat all the bananas they have aboard before they go bad. I already wrote a post with many recipes which you can …

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Calling a Spade, a Spade


  If you have read our book you will know how we feel about spade (unsupported) rudders. We don’t like them and consider them a pretty bad idea for a voyaging boat. For those that haven’t read the book, a …

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Sailing over lemons


Before I became a wandering sea gypsy, I owned a farm in the Alpujarra Mountains in Southern Spain where I trained Andalucian horses. Shortly after I bought the place, Chris Stewart the former drummer of the rock group Genesis, published …

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Spending the cyclone season in the South Pacific


I am writing a quick note because of the large number of concerned emails we are getting these days regarding Pam, the big cyclone that hit Vanuatu. We are far away and the cyclone did not affect us at all. …

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Anchoring in coral


The coral atolls are simply fantastic. Nobody can argue with that. Well, except maybe your anchor chain. While you will learn to love every fish and every view, your anchor chain will learn to hate every coral head and every …

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Sailing to Tahiti? Don’t forget…


Hello everybody! This is a letter I wrote for the PPJ Yahoo Group and now I’m posting it here as well, hoping that someone will stumble upon it and find it helpful… * * * This is our 8th month …

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How to eat 107 bananas in 1 day


You sailed 3000 nautical miles from… well… almost anywhere, really… and now you are in the place you always dreamed of… French Polynesia! You will probably learn very soon that this is a very expensive place. If you have a …

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