Here we are, in French Polinesia, having fun.

After a few days of Hiva Oa we moved to the island of Tahuata which has one of the few white sand beaches in the Marquesas. We had wood fires on the beach, potlucks with other cruisers, celebrations of my birthday, we swam with manta rays and generally relaxed.

Tahuata is one of those places that are hard to leave but we had to slowly get to Nuku Hiva to do a few repairs (did you ever hear of a pacific passage where nothing breaks?)

The Marquesas are green and wet which is a really great change from the Mexican desert. We also really love the people and the French bread, not so much the prices though. I am soooo glad I stocked up with tons of tins in Mexico!

We are now in the capital od the Marquesas to enjoy some civilization. As soon as we get bored of it (quite soon I suppose) we’ll circumnavigate the island of Nuku Hiva and explore its anchorages.

A few pics from Tahuata:

tahuata3 tahuata2





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  1. KK says:

    More pics of inside Calypso please:)

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