The Good News and the Good News

No, it is not some Jehovah’s Witness click-bait, much worse I am afraid.  About a year ago Tantor Publishing bought the audio rights to Get Real, Get Gone and after a few delays brought on by that bloody virus, I am pleased to announce that they are finally releasing the Audiobook tomorrow (6th April 2021).  

I have yet to hear it, but they have a great reputation and I am sure they have made a really good job of it.  So if you have wanted to read the book, but just haven’t been able to find the time, get a copy of this and listen to it in the car on the way to work.

WARNING: Contains job-quitting information.

Oh, and the second bit of good news?  It is read by award winning and BAFTA nominated narrator Liam Gerrard – so you won’t have to put up with my rather annoying voice.

Stay safe everyone and keep sailing!





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9 Responses to The Good News and the Good News

  1. Paul Wyand says:

    Just finished listening to it today, and it is very good!

  2. Ewa Lobato says:

    Well done. Reading the book and I think it could do with your narration, as you have a unique sense of humour and it takes a unique tone of voice to match that. 😉

    • rick says:

      Thanks Ewa. Liam has done a pretty good job. I might do the next one myself though (but I am developing a bit of an Aussie accent) 🙂

  3. Murph says:

    Hi Rick, First of all thanx for your book I first came across it on audible where I have an account, I was looking for a boost, let’s say of inspiration in my on going project, it was just what I needed although it would have been much more ideal if I would have got wind of it before I bought the boat but still I have listened twice and my wife ordered a copy so I’ve all ready have got a lot of great advice from it. Iam a recently retired electrician I grew up sailing Hobie Cats and wreck diving on the Great Lakes after getting married and having kids we got a trailer sailor a MacGregor 26x but I always said when I retired I was going to get a real sail boat as we live (all be it seasonal) in one of the best sailing destinations in the world in the Northern Great Lakes , lots of beautiful bays and islands to explore and get to know the boat before eventually making our way toward the Caribbean, anyway it was good to read your values in a good stout boats was the same as mine as the boat I picked was a Island Packet 27 a 1990 hull #225 the boat it self is in good shape but it sat on the hard for a few years, the former owner had some health issues and one thing after the other, nothing major, everything from the boat sitting under shrink and not in the water where it wants to be. Anyway your book and with your advice Nigel Calders book “Mechanical and Electrical Manual ” is now on board and inspiring us on!! Thank you!
    Jim & Stef Murphy on board “Chye Lukh”
    ps-sorry to hear about you &
    Jasna time heels – fair winds

    • rick says:

      Hi Jim and Stef,

      Great to hear your story and an awesome choice of boat too. Glad you liked the book. I have a new one out and will email you the details. Thanks for your sympathy about Jasna, but no need to worry – we split up years ago and I have a fabulous new partner whose ideas of fidelity are more in accord with my own.



  4. kevin says:

    Ah this is great for me as a non reader 🤣 so looking forward to listening!!

  5. Matt Read says:

    Listening to it now which is how I ended up on your webpage. It’s going to be weird if we ever cross paths IRL and you don’t sound like Liam.

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