The Numbers of The Year 2014

Recently I analized our log book and this is what I discovered about last year:

Number of days of sailing: 86

This is more or less 25%, which means that we spent about a quarter of the last year on the water.

Number of nights Calypso Jasna Rick
– at anchor 283 (77%) 280 283
– on passage 50 (14%) 50 50
– in the boatyard 17 (5%) 0* 0*
– on a mooring 15 (4%) 32 32
– in a marina 0 (0%) 0 0
– on land 0 (0%) 3** 0

* In January we hauled out for 17 days. The boatyard did not allowed us to live aboard Calypso, so we moved on Luci which was on a mooring. Thanks again Tim and Meredith!!!

** In March I went to San Diego (to visit some marine stores and get Calypso even lower on her waterline) and stayed with a friend for 3 days, that’s why  only Rick has the record of NEVER SLEEPING ON LAND in 2014!

Number of nautical miles: 4696

Longest passage: 32 days (Mex – Poly)

Engine hours: 167 (about one third of that to come back to the Marquesas from Tahiti)

Used diesel: 270 liters – 70 gallons (we left Mexico with 77 gallons)

toau&tahiti 175


Number of islands: 10  (ONLY!?!?)

Number of different anchorages: 22

The majority (13) of this anchorages had no internet access and no shops.  So in 2014 we spent 139 days – 38% of the time in places with no shops, banks, internet or post office.  



Another interesting statistic is that we spent an average of 14 days in every anchorage.  Sounds about right…



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