How sheet-to-tiller self steering works on Marutji  

(Rick explains how to use a few bungees and strings to make your boat steer herself)




jasna copy The Kauehi Cup – a sailing race in the Tuamotus

(Jasna’s Cocoboat against Rick’s Pamplemousse I)






Drift snorkeling in the Coral River (Taha’a)





In the water with stingrays and sharks


 Playing with stingrays in Moorea







 How to make a cheap campervan in 2 minutes




From the Tropical Tunes Series:


Rick plays Fly Me To The Moon in Vava'u

Rick plays Fly Me To The Moon in Vava’u

Rick plays Retrato Brasileiro in Rangiroa

Rick plays Retrato Brasileiro in Rangiroa

Kilisimasi Fiefia (Tongan Christmas Song)

Kilisimasi Fiefia (Tongan Christmas Song)

What do you do all day on a boat?

What do you do all day on a boat? (Rick and Jasna play Johnny Cash)

8 Responses to VIDEO

  1. mike ames says:

    Get Real Get gone

    Brilliant book loads of info.Thanks.

  2. Tony Slattery says:

    My other half bought your book for a birthday present for me , Fantastic book I lived aboard my westerly pageant back in the late nineties early noughties, no blue water stuff just coast ,creeks and the odd jaunt across the English channel . Your book brought it all back all I have to do is convince her , I like the saying Smiles on deck not Miles under the keel. She,s also read the book (she loved it) so crossing fingers.
    We just may see you guys out there.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience

  3. Alexander Helmold says:

    Just red your book on cold winter weekend here in Berlin, germany and it just warms my heart. Very inspireing. Hope your next book comes out soon. Best wishes to you and Jasna. If you need any support i can organize from here just let me know!
    Kind regards

  4. Hylton Espey says:

    Really enjoyed your book and have shared it with all my sailing family, they are loving it. Full of interesting tips and future dreams. The Island Packet looks amazing, we are training on our westerly centaur for a blue water upgrade in a few years

  5. Paul Yates says:

    I’m halfway through the book. Can’t put it down (except to type this…) I have a background on the water from childhood (my step-dad was a marine engineer for Geest – big boats!) and I spent much time afloat. Never really considered it as a lifestyle as I became a pro musician but I’m coming around to the idea with every passing day. Your book is truly inspiring. I’ve a lot to learn (all of it really) so I’m looking for my next book if you can point me at something. I’m right at the beginning so anything you can share would be appreciated – I’ve given myself three/four years to get it on! I’m fairly certain our paths will cross someday!

    • rick says:

      Hi Paul,

      Glad you liked the book mate! There is a page at the back that suggests further reading, but (if you will excuse thee blatant self-promotion) the follow up to Get Real Get Gone should be out by the end of the summer and that is designed to move seamlessly on to the next stage. I will send you an email with deets.



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