How sheet-to-tiller self steering works on Marutji  

(Rick explains how to use a few bungees and strings to make your boat steer herself)




 Singing Italians

(Jasna and Daniela performing Romagna Mia while sailing on Calypso in the Sea of Cortez)




Boat shopping in Asia 

(after we sold Marutji we went boat shopping in Indonesia, Malesia and Thailand, but with no results…)




jasna copy The Kauehi Cup – a sailing race in the Tuamotus

(Jasna’s Cocoboat against Rick’s Pamplemousse I)




Sharks feeding in Taiohae Baypsicki 





P1280760 Calypso crossing the Pacific






Drift snorkeling in the Coral River (Tahaa)





In the water with stingrays and sharks

 Playing with stingrays in Moorea






 How to make a cheap campervan in 2 minutes





 Rick plays Retrato Brasileiro in Rangiroa

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