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Welcome to the story of our humble adventures.  They may not read like Pirates of the Caribbean, but they do have the advantage of being true.  Life at sea is nothing like how most people picture it.  Some think of pirates, some of luxury yachts with rich, white-flannelled-blue-blazered idiots swilling gin and tonic and crowing about their wealth.  While they certainly both exist, the majority of liveaboard cruisers are not attracted to sailing for the pleasures of ostentation or skullduggery, but by the simple, natural life it provides.  Out at sea, only things that really matter, well, really matter.  A person can live by their wits and will succeed or fail on them – a rare environment in our highly taxed and regulated nanny states.

Perhaps that is the attraction of sailing – it may be the last real adventure left to ordinary people on this earth.   It is OK to fantasize about being the next England striker or selling a million records, but these are things available only to those very few  with unusual talents.  Similarly, climbing Everest or walking across the Sahara take enormous amounts of physical ability, training and preparation.  So what can you do if you are just a couple of relatively unfit, normal human beings with a limited budget looking for adventure?

Come sailing – the water ‘s fine. 



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  1. KK says:

    Good on you both!

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