Where is Calypso?

Calypso is sailing around around the South Pacific Islands.

You can track our voyage through these two websites:



Calypso on PANGOLIN

Calypso on Shiptrak

Calypso on Shiptrak


Our callsign is kd0rsm  (kilo delta zero romeo sierra mike)

14 Responses to WHERE ARE WE

  1. Graham & Pam says:

    Hi Rick
    great to see you are still afloat!
    We you get the chance give us a call


    • Rick says:

      Hi P and G, I have tried you a couple of times! When is good for you?

      • Graham & Pam says:

        Hi Rick,
        sunday nights are best we are usually speaking again by then following a week of stress and strain …..though window of opportunity is only brief and back to normal by monday evening …….the bliss that is married life 🙂

  2. Graham & Pam says:

    Hi Rick
    how is the sea nice and warm !
    Hope your keeping well

    P & G xxx

  3. Rick says:

    Hi P and G!

    Very warm here thanks. (Warmer than Warrington for sure). How is life in Blighty?

    • Graham & Pam says:

      Hi Rick & Jasna!
      we have had a great summer honest!
      Just got back from lake como lovely place but a little bit like gods waiting room if you know what I mean! however the food was fab and some lovely gardens to visit !!!
      Pam still flying about hither and yon and I’m still getting out on the bike trying to keep fit, not sure if we have mentioned our new boy marvin ?

      P & G

      • Graham says:

        Happy New Year to You Both !!!
        Hope you are keeping well and the wooden pointy thing keeps going where you point it !
        Send postcard from where you are XXX

  4. rick says:

    Will do! A Happy New Year to you both too!

    PS Is Marvin a person, dog or horse?

  5. Graham says:

    Hi Both
    so sorry to hear of your disaster with the boat, I’ll bet you were spitting fire with the sitter…… what a fool!
    At least you have the skills to repair or replace so refurbishment cost can be kept to a minimum its also an opportunity to overhaul/maintain the bits! so once its done it will be seaworthy and you will be confidant with the boat once again.
    I hope the boat sitter got some shades of blue around each eye to match the bilge water!
    Pam sends her love G & Marvin XXX

  6. Graham Ruddick says:

    Hi folks fantastic news on the book is there no end to your talents?
    Could your next book be a cowboy with lots pale faces and red skins all beating each other up …..I’m also a fan of gangster books !
    Are you at sea again or still in reconstruction, we are off to sorrento in a couple of weeks for some R & R
    Pam send big hugs and XXX’s to you both G X :

  7. Your book was one of the reasons we are getting things in order to get gone. My husband has been a truck driver for 40 years. After raising four kids, it is time for us to take some time to enjoy us. Our sailboat will be the perfect place. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. Graeme says:

    Hey Rick, Jasna. Hope your well? Going back to your thread on MIAS….for a laugh, I will send you a photo showing just how bad my symptoms are! All up for sale if you fancy any? (maybe not the Martin) What is the best format to send so you don’t destroy your data allowance and if you are interested of course.
    On another note, just managed to get a mooring at Barmouth, N. Wales for ‘Cyaneus’ my Harrier….so planning a few trips, Isle of Man, Ireland etc. While I plan my escape from the hampster wheel…sell up and get gone.
    Thank you both for inspiring me.
    Fair winds

  9. rick says:

    Ha ha! I am not allowed any more musical instruments. In fact, I am selling a nice blue grass banjo and I have already sold my alto sax. I will be down to 1 guitar, 1 drum and 1 ukelele. Don’t tell Jasna, but this is because I am planning to buy a tenor sax soon…. 🙂

    Send your pic to sailingcalypso@gmail.com. What instruments will you take with you (I am guessing the Martin, right?)

    Thanks for your kind words… we are pleased as punch that you found some inspiration in the book (have we bullied you into writing a review yet on amazon?). Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help.


    R n J

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