Beach umbrella for cruisers

Yoseaside-875472_1280u’ve probably never thought of including a beach umbrella on the list of desirable safety gear for your boat.

But you should, especially if you are sailing towards remote locations.

There is two very good reasons for that.

The first one is the obvious one.



Sometimes you will stop at tropical islands where you can lie in the shade of a palm tree.

Sailing French Polynesia

Rick at work in Fakarava, French Polynesia

But many other times, you will visit islands with no vegetation at all.

Caleta San Juanico in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Caleta san Juanico in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

If you are planning to lay on the beach for  more than 2 hours, you need some kind of shade to protect your skin from the tropical sun. With no trees, you need a beach umbrella.

Beach day in Toau, Tuamotu Archipelago

Beach day in Toau, Tuamotu Archipelago

Or maybe you fancy lying in the hammock but you also don’t want to get cooked by the sun.

Sailing French Polynesia

But the main reason we recommend having an umbrella on your cruising boat is that it can help you staying sane.

As we all know too well, cruising also means fixing things at anchor.

Imagine you are trying to reassemble your furling system after you finished servicing it. There is only one nut to go and you are already looking forward to that big margarita you deserve for a job well done.

rick dreamingYou fiddle with your fingers and just as you thought that the nut grabbed the tread…


Noooooo!!! The big unique nut fell in the water!

No margarita for you, I am afraid.nomargarita

Instead you win a very frustrating day of walking around dusty streets in search of a miracle or maybe a long night of internet research to try and find someone who can ship a replacement part to the middle of the Pacific for less than 100$ in less than a month.

I am sure this happened to anyone who has been cruising for some time. Whether you are working on the rigging or on the outboard, there is the risk of losing something in the drink.

But there is no need for all this frustration, the solution is simple.

You need an umbrella!


We bought this one in Mexico for about 3$ and this is what we achieved:

  1. Many more beach days and no sunburns.
  2. No more nervous breakdowns during deck projects.
  3. Every time a bolt or a screw falls in it, we feel so pleased with ourselves, we decide we deserve a double margarita!






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  1. Steph Monf says:

    I’m loving this cunning piece of advice 🙂

  2. Ciao Ragazzi, vedo che l’ombra vi giova! Io sono in partenza per casetta! Ciao!

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