Black pearls in Tahiti

I am not going to write about the things that I don’t like about Papeete, because you can find them in almost every cruising blog. There is noise and traffic and the prices are not even funny.

tahiti 089

Who wants to buy this neckless? It costs only 540.000 $ !!

So let’s talk about pearls.

The best place to buy pearls for poor cruisers are the Tuamotus or even better the Gambiers, where the prices are quite lower than Papeete.

BUT all the best pearls are not sold there, they are shipped to the expensive boutiques in Tahiti.

So if you want to SEE the best pearls without necessarily buying them, then you have to have a walk on the Boulevard Pomare, the main street in Papeete. Every second door is a pearl shop and one collection is more beautiful than the other.

The black pearls are actually not black, but of a range of colors, from purple to blue to green, cream, brown and grey. They can be round or half-round, or have the shape of a tear or of a button… They differ in shape, colour, shine, size and of course… price.

tahiti 102

Different shapes and colours of Tahitian pearls

I had to go in town on my own, because Rick was getting REALLY bored of stopping at every window with a pearl in display (knowing that I am not going to buy any anyway, I bought mine in Kauehi from a pearl farmer, but they are a different category of course…). So I took my time and had my “pearl overdose” day which included the visit to the Black Pearl Museum. Here are some pictures…

tahiti 099

A bikini of pearls…

tahiti 095

One of many mother-of-pearl creations


tahiti 100

Pearls, pearls, pearls everywhere

tahiti 117



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  1. Jillian Siener says:

    I would like to buy that bikini. How can i do that?

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