We are on the telly!!!



Dear Friends.

If you can stand our faces for almost one hour, than check out Ben Fogle’s tv program New Lives in the Wild

on Channel 5 on August 10th at 9pm (London time).

If you miss it, UK viewers can see it later on the Channel 5 website  www.channel5.com.  Viewers outside the UK can see it here 


Below you can find some news about us in the English media:

TalkTalk: Ben heads to French Polynesia in the South Pacific to spend time with British expat Rick and his girlfriend Jasna, who live a nomadic life on their yacht, sailing around the waters of the archipelago they have made their home. Ben builds hammocks, rigs sails, spears fish for dinner, freedives to drop anchor, experiences rough seas and learns how the couple use the islands to support their transient lifestyle, washing clothes in rivers and shopping for essentials by kayak

Whatsontv: Lucky Ben ends this run in French Polynesia to meet Londoner Rick, who lives on a 36ft boat sailing the Pacific with girlfriend Jasna. The scenery is just stunning and the ocean-loving couple are the picture of contentment. Both say they were born with itchy feet and live for the moment, sailing around beautiful islands and doing a bit of work where they can to buy the barest of essentials. Ben tries to find a few hardships in their idyllic life, but Rick and Jasna were meant to live exactly as they are – footloose and fancy free on the ocean waves.


Click HERE to see the trailer.



Rick and Jasna



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49 Responses to We are on the telly!!!

  1. Lou Psyche says:

    You guys are awesome ! I hope one day to meet you . If I could only have the courage … It takes my breath away how beautiful you’re life appears 🙂 xxx God bless you beautiful people

    • jasna says:

      You are very kind, but you really don’t need any courage to do this. All you need is the right attitude – we wrote a book about it, maybe it will help you come and join us. see you out there!

  2. Simon Dove says:

    Great programme, well done. On our way soon in our own 10m ketch!

  3. Hi just seen the Ben Fogle film wow! and God speed

  4. Thanks Everyone! Lou Psyche – you don’t need much courage, just a short memory. Let me know if you need any advice or motivation to get going.

    • Lou Psyche says:

      ahh thanks ….can’t believe you’ve even managed to respond …youre awesome 🙂 one day I’m sure i will make it .My brother has been round those parts..he made a film ‘take me to pitcairn’ that you can watch for free on the net if you fancy it ..but it’s probably all a bit too close to home ha ha ..he did another one about London pedlars and street traders ..you might like more 🙂 xx

  5. John Heasman says:

    Loved the Ben Fogle programme, your boat and amazing lifestyle. Bought your book. Checking out HC Union 36’s as I type ! Now just need to persuade the wife, who unfortunately gets sea sick !!! Does Jasna have a sister Rick ? You lucky man ! Happy Sailing the pair of you……… enjoy !

    • Hi John,

      Jasna has a wonderful sister actually, but you have as much chance of getting her on a boat as you have of getting Jasna off one. Sea-sickness is something everyone gets when they start, but you soon get your sea legs. Jasna suffers from it every time we start a long voyage. She knocks back a couple of sturgeron every day for the first few days while she is getting her sea legs, no problem. I also find that sea sickness is linked very closely with fear of the unkown and feelings of being out of control. If you explain everything to your wife and put her in charge (particularly helming and navigation) you may find that her sea-sickness disappears. Has worked 100% of the time for me with new crew.
      Not many HCs over there in England, but you do have a lot of Contessa 32s and Vancouver 34s which might be worth keeping an eye out for. The Nicholson 35 is an excellent sea boat if you can find one that has been re-fitted. Good luck and keep us posted

    • John Heasman says:

      Rick, Much appreciate your reply and suggestions re boat and wife’s seasickness. Fabulous to get your reply. I have no doubt you are inundated with messages from your many Facebook followers. I will succeed eventually in making my wife Mary into a sea gypsy …. I hope !! In the meantime I am getting plenty of sailing on a ‘modern day’ Southerly 38 with my chum who owns it. All the creature comforts, but also all the those things that don’t make her an ocean going sea gypsy’s preferred choice of vessel !!! We have had a Contessa 32 before and I do like them. Following your reply, I am also going to check out the Nicolson 35. I am reading your book for a second time now to make more precise notes of your recommendations. Great read from my perspective and timing has been perfect. Keep sailing you two and enjoy …….. shouldn’t envy people but I do love your lifestyle !!! John & Mary Heasman

    • No worries John. Don’t get too soft on that Southerly! We have just delivered a posh boat (Garcia 60) to Fiji to earn a few gypsy tokens and can’t wait to get back to simple pleasures of Calypso – boats built for luxuries are a total waste of time. I think all the Northshore boats were well made though, but like you said, hardly sea-gypsy material. At least they resisted the temptation to make both rudders spade rudders (most twin rudders are spade rudders) so you have to give them that! Can’t go wrong with a Contessa 32 or Nic 35 (as long as they are good ones of course!). The American double enders have a lot going for them too. Will you be buying in the UK? Let me know if you wnat me to keep my eyes open for any bargains down here. Best of luck with your plans! Rick and Jasna

  6. Hello matey….we were glued…where’s ur hair gone !!!….it was a fantastic peep into what you are up to….amazed and proud…but totally soo you….loved the pic is CV days, was that Solly ?….it really was quite fascinating Rick, please tell Jasna ( who is quite gorgeous) from me she needs to write a book on victualling !!! Loved the bits about food preservation a lot…really interesting….please will she email me more about it….sue, Dave and AM xxxxx

    • Rick Page says:

      Hi Fenners!

      Glad you liked the prog. I bet that has got your sea legs bouncing again! Can’t say I blame you. IT is ‘last one out turn off the lights’ as far as I am concerned. The horse in the picture was Jac the Andalucian stallion. I think beautiful Sulekha Varma rode him when you were there (hard to forget). I thnk there may have been a picture of me putting shoes on Sol as well (still haven’t seen the show!)

      There are some tips on preservation in the book (which must have arrived by now) but Jasna is a little mine of information on that score and I will pass on the message.

      Massive hugs to all my favourite Fenners xxxxx

  7. Phil Ryan says:

    Buying a Kindle on Saturday! Then buying the book!

  8. Graham Howling says:

    Hi,Loved the Ben Fogle programme,I spent 6 years travelling round the Pacific,but in a big white thing.1975-1981 things were a lot less touristy then.Keep safe and enjoy the sea and the island people.Oh,and look out for John and Debbie on Odditty,they left Shoreham UK on their second time round in July. Graham, Sussex Yacht Club.

    • Rick Page says:

      Thanks Graham, will do.
      PS Apart from a few places like Papeete and Bora Bora, the south Pacific (you will be pleased to hear) is still pretty untouched.

  9. Adam st John Clarke says:

    Hi Rick, Adam here of dreadful tenor player fame.. You used to teach me in your flat in crouch end, 20 years ago. You are obviously living the dream, well done. Take care there.

  10. Seen it and it was great! Very nice to see people living their life with so much happiness … Keep it on! 😉

  11. The paperback comes out in 4 days!

  12. Phil Coombes says:

    Superb! What a life, what an inspiration!

  13. Tina Pinder says:

    Rick you wonderful tart – I totally enjoyed your amazing programme and thought you and Jasna are just beautiful together in every definition of the word!
    I am enjoying your book too and it is reminding me of our chat filled journeys together to Larry’s Bar, Covent Garden, in your rave painted mini (called Norman) I think I enjoyed the journey there as much as I did playing the actual gig. You have always been a total original and glad to see you still are. There’s not many around who can be the change they want to see in the world and live from one perfect moment to the next….finally I too am flowing with it everyday… even if it is in a very different way! 🙂 Big Hugs xx

    • Rick Page says:

      Hey Plonda!

      Thank you for your lovely email. I too remember most fondly our many journeys to central London in my multi-coloured mini (who was as you so rightly recall was called “Normal Norman”) We certainly had some great chats – it’s a wonder there are still any problems left in the world!

      I am stoked to hear that you are fleeing in full flow (you must be unbearable!) he he. I was talking to Jasna about your general wonderfulness and the nice tunes we used to knock out. Is there anywhere I can download a copy of “the moon”? PS just bought myself a new alto, so I will see if I can get my chops in shape! (I have been concentrating on latin guitar these past four years, so it might take a while), Massive kisses from Funky Fiji

      Rick xxxxxx
      PPS How is Farren? I do worry about him sometimes.

  14. Steve says:

    Hi Rick and Jasna, I also watched the New Lives In The Wild program and wanted to thank you both for the inspiration. It was a breath of fresh air to see some truly happy and wise people. Seeing your way of life has helped crystallise my own thoughts on how to accomplish my dreams. I’ve brought your book and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the practical side of things and putting the plan into action. Thanks again, Steve 🙂

    • rick says:

      That is great news Steve!

      There is plenty of space out here on the ocean and we are well chuffed that we have managed to push you a bit towards joining us. I hope you like the book – let us know if you have any queries (our email is in the book) or just need a motivational kick to get cracking.
      Best of luck and thanks again!

      Rick and Jasna
      PS: If you like the book, don’t forget to leave a review on amazon as this helps us sell some more and we are coming up for a new jib!

  15. Neville says:

    Hi Rick and Jasna
    just seen the Ben Fogle film. You guys are living life how its meant to be lived; thanks for being so inspiring

    • rick says:

      Thanks Neville! We are delighted by your kind comments. Are you thinking of sailing off into the sunset too?


      Rick and Jasna

  16. Thanks Phil. Are you a sailor too?

  17. Tamsin Marke says:

    I watched this and loved it. Then came across you through a repost and realised the connection. So inspiring, you guys rock.

    • Thanks Tamsin…. are you a sailor too?

    • Tamsin Marke says:

      I don’t think I could call myself a sailor but I love to cruise, no racing! Have done day skip theory and a comp crew course and a few short trips. My kids and I have a live aboard dream but doesn’t seem to be a single parent’s thing. Have a penchant for rum on my side though! X

    • I don’t think you can really call yourself a good skipper if you DO race (don’t get me started on this, but if you are interested, I do clarify why this is in our book). There are plenty of single parents out here happily cruising with their kids, (Tania Abei is probably the best known). So don’t let that put you off! On the radio nets there are always sailors with kids looking to cruise with other “kid boats” and they always seem to have the best time of it. W ith you on the rum though! 🙂

    • Tamsin Marke says:

      Ha, that’s very interesting. Most people seem to love racing and it’s certainly a way to get on as crew and gain experience, but it’s not my bag! I have just bought your book so will look forward to reading when it arrives! Thanks for the encouragement on the single parent front, I will look Tania Abei up. Looking into what I can/ train for do to work remotely at the moment. Thanks for replying! 😊

    • Yes, that is a problem – the fact that the sailing market is largely driven by weekend warriors and speed demons often skews the risks and expenses of sailing and leads to some very bad design choices (if you are a cruiser like us). It is a bit of a sopabox of mine and one I expand upon in the book. Lots of ideas about working remotely too – the two subjects (avoiding racing mentality and remote working) are actually linked quite strongly…. but I will let you read the book. Let me know if you have any questions or anything is unclear. Good luck! (if you don’t like the book, it is the perfect size for propping a hatch open)

  18. Swanrad says:

    Nearly finished the book and found the reference to the Ben Fogle episode – can’t find the thing anywhere. Is it still available?

    Great book by the way! Step one is a concerted campaign to win my wife over, starting next summer by getting her to actually sleep at anchor. Where does the Maxi 100 stand on your ‘suitable for the life’ scale? Just checking I haven’t completely misunderstood the principals.

    If I can give a book recommendation of my own…sailing just for fun by Charles Stock, having read yours it is now my second favourite sailing book.

  19. Philippe G. says:

    Hello !
    I saw this report last night on TV. Living in France, I was amused to see the difficulties encountered by english speaking peoples in a country often speaking only French (with a strong Polynesian accent …). That’s what happens to us, French, when traveling outside France and not speaking very well english …
    I was intrigued by the choice of this boat. Question of opportunity, price, robustness? In any case, beautiful pictures, showing only the positive (important!).
    See you soon, maybe for new adventures?

  20. Dave Mann says:

    Hi Rick Just seen your program awesom is your boat a Tayana or Hans christian i have been working on a golden hind 31 hoping to sell ans get a hans christian 36 but at 75 leaving it a bit late any way keep sending us your adventures you never know our paths may cross all the best.

    • rick says:

      Hi Dave!

      Glad you liked the TV prog mate! Ben’s first visit found me on my second boat which was a Hans Christian 36. The second visit was filmed in Fiji last year and I am onboard my third boat – an Island Packet 38 (See here).

      I don’t think you are leaving it too late at 75. One of my best sailing mates is 75 and he has had a triple heart bypass! He has just made a tough 21 day solo passage from the Marshall Island (also in an Island Packet, like mine) and is now re-united with his gorgeous girfriend. Now THAT is how you do 75!

      One thing I would say though buddy, is don’t over-stretch yourself. I would not recommend Hans Christian boats. I loved mine, but the amount of maintenance (often due to poor quality control) in those boats nearly killed me. I would get something much less high maintenance – you don’t want to spend all your energy sanding and repairing (let alone your cash) when you could be sailing. We all only have a limited amount of time and energy and that is a boat that wore me out in my 40s!

      If you want some suggestions, drop me a line and I will be happy to make some. There are some great boats in the UK that are all but forgotten.

      Cheers buddy!

      Rick 🙂

  21. Louise Cross says:

    Hi Rick,

    I have just seen the Ben Google episode with you and Jasna, amazing oh what a wonderful way to live! I wish I had learned to sail when younger. Good luck and safe sailing adventures to you both!


    • rick says:

      Hi Louise,

      Thanks for your kind words (although there has not been a Jasna for several years. There is a later episode where Ben Fogle catches up with me again called New Lives in the Wild Revisited and I am guessing you have not seen that episode :)) If you fancy a go at this lifestyle, you will pleased to know that it is not important to have learnt to sail when young. Sailing is pretty easy to learn and many people (including me) take up this lifestyle later in life. Let me know if you would like to know more or click here

      Thanks again!


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