Pictures and Scans from Get Real, Get Gone

If you have been reading on a black and white device such as a Kindle or listening to the ebook, I have published the pictures and diagrams below in the order they appear in the text/ebook.  I hope they are of some help.  As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments or on  Fair winds!


Getting Real

Finding the right boat

Moored next to Carlos Slim’s monster motorboat

Not on my watch! Keels and rudder types are the most important considerations

Getting real about steel. Newer steel boats can offer some advantages over old fiberglass.

Chapter 9: Show me the Money – how to make a living as you go

Part 2: Staying Real

Chapter 11: Staying Put: The Importance of Good Anchors

Chapter 11 Staying Put. Picture shows a typical chain “snubber”


Chapter 12: The Fiery Stinkbox. Picture shows Captain Dan’s answer to the engine issue

From Chapter 13: The Curious Case of Self Steering. The next three diagrams show how ‘sheet to tiller’ steering works. See text for description.


My attempts to make a ‘sheet to wheel’ system were promising, but not entirely successful.

A Monitor self-steering system. Photo courtesy of Scanmar

Chapter 14: Electricity on Board. Picture shows how pistons can become fouled if used without load (i.e., for charging batteries)

Solar panels lose up to 90% efficiency if placed where even a small shadow can fall.

…. a much better arrangement.

The washing machine on Calypso – just add some rocks and go sailing

From Chapter 15: Staying on Course. Picture shows Calypso sailing across land

The wind direction indicator on Calypso

From Chapter 16: Love me Tender

From Chapter 18: A Brief Word about Rigging

From chapter 19: Staying Healthy

Drying food is a great way to preserve it

From Chapter 20: to Insure or not to Insure? Picture shows an unfortunat sea gypsy having a beach sale of what remains of his boat.


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