Rainy day

It is raining. In sunny Mexico! Unbelievable. This is not what was in the brochure!


Well, what can we do on a gray day in a marina?

Wait, I have an idea!

We could cut our gennaker in two, or maybe even in three pieces!

cut the gennyOur biggest sail was just downgraded to a sailing tender spinnaker. We donated one piece to the nice guys on the boat Sababa, who already have a sailing tender (we are planning to build ours, sooner or later) and we can’t wait to race them downwind!

Btw, the rain stopped. The sun is shining again. I love Mexico!



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  1. rick says:

    Kind of like the rain. It reminds me of the UK or “north of the wall” as we Game of Thrones fans now call it.

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