Resort life



It is well known that resorts don’t like cruisers.

That’s because usually cruisers wear a ripped Guns’n’Roses t-shirt, worn shorts and the good old ugly crocs. If they haven’t been in a  marina for a while they could smell too. Very possibly.

But we found that if we wash (yes, wash!!) and wear decent clothes we are usually well accepted and nobody notices that we actually don’t belong there.



resort2I love resort life.

I guess because it is such a contrast with our usual life.

Resort means unlimited water & electricity & internet and air conditioned lobby and waiters bringing cocktails with umbrellas in (not to us, but even so it improves the picture).

I really dig our simple life afloat where we are careful about water and energy consumption, but once in a while I like to fall in a 5star picture too.

That’s why I don’t really mind that we are stuck waiting for a part for our engine AGAIN. Because we are stuck in Paradise 🙂


lap poolWe start the day with one hour swimming in this nice lap pool.







relax poolLater in the afternoon it’s time to hit the relax pool and…







croc pool



To slide down the crocodile!!





And then we end up in the Jacuzzi, of course.


It has been a tough day after all!



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