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Dear Friends

We were very happy to be able to help our friends Steve and Charlotte on the sailing vessel Willful Simplicity with collecting funds for the primary school of San Evaristo.  We collected around 800 USD via our website – which is much more than we’ve expected!

We managed to buy lots of school supplies (thanks to Meredith on s/v Luci for driving me from papeleria to papeleria :)), loaded up Calypso and sailed up to San Ev, as we call it.

This was our small part of a big fund raiser that they started, so I think it is fair to let them tell us how it went:



Thank s to all of the generous donations our school project was a success. Here is an update of all of the items collected during our week long drive. Without the help of our cruising community this would have been impossible.

Jesus Manuel Pena, teacher at the primary school in San Evaristo, is now sleeping on a real bed and has a more comfortable living space. We purchased the items in La Paz and delivered them to San Evaristo on Monday in the pouring rain. It was an adventure and very rewarding to see the gratitude on the teacher’s face.

ucitelj manuel

Donated items included: $Pesos$, half sheet plywood, bed w frame, pillow, sheets, blankets, gas camp stove with full propane tank, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, dishes silverware, plastic table cover, large rug, large easy chair, side table w/ 2 drawers, table lamp, lg. blk. trash bags, drinking water jug, cleaning supplies, DVD player w monitor, warm winter clothes & basic school supplies.

Steve and Charlotte

s/v Willful Simplicity


I can only add some pictures of our trip and thank again Steve and Charlotte for doing so much for San Evaristo. We love returning there time after time and always find a very warm welcome.


Me and Meredith shopping



We bought some very good books

LA PAZ 2013 128

A cd player


Lots of material to learn math



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LA PAZ 2013 2 047




Thanks to everyone that donated and helped the children and the teacher of the lovely little town of San Evaristo!

SE school days LOW



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