Thanks Manuel…

Well, I’ve never thought that I will say thanks to a hurricane… But Rick and I were starting to lose our sense of humor in the last two days because of the heat… And now it comes Manuel, our 13th hurricane of the season, bringing rain and wind and cooling the air down.


Manuel is blowing at 65 knots right now, but we are getting much less, just enough to send the flies and mosquitoes away (perfect!)

It feels great, we have been standing in the rain, enjoying the cool air while it lasts…

Tomorrow is supposed to be  rainy, so we are planning a cinema day with tons of popcorn and beer.  Let’s hope the rain will last long and the sun will not shine for at least a few days – here we go, just another sentence I’ve never thought I will ever say…

Thanks Manuel…






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One Response to Thanks Manuel…

  1. Miha says:

    Sem se že oni dan spraševal, če imate kaj od njega (Manuel-a).
    Pa lepo poročaš na blogu 🙂

    LP Miha

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