Escape from the Heat

So, the  thermometer inside the boat (which is where we are working) has exceeded 50 degrees C, and I am hotter than I have ever known – including the Sahara, Nubian, Namib and Danakil Deserts!  Sweat is running out of  our fingernails even at night.  So, what to do?  Obviously we need to get out of here.  A quick google of “coldest place in Mexico” came back with “Creel in Copper Canyon”  so off we went and what a great place it was!

Imagine 60.000km² of untouched  land and a gorge 3 times bigger than the Grand Canyon, inhabitied by colourful people obsessed with long distance running (the Tarahumara)  land you have more or less got it.  Chuck in the fact that to get  there involves one of the world’s most scenic railway journeys and it is a no-brainer.

The Copper Canyon


Known for their punishing 140km races, the Tarahumara are tough and wiry.  They complete these races without any Nike or   Adidas stuff – just a loin cloth type of skirt and sandals made from car tyres

The colourful women and children of the Tarahumara





Colorful paintings in the hotel San Isidro

With Norberto, owner of the ranch El Avanturero

Jasna teaching at the local school



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    Love these pics.

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